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Coming Soon - The Decrypter and the Kingdom of Diamonds

In a high-stakes thriller, the Decrypter, Calla Cress, a curator with a secret agent past, deciphers codes to unearth a ship lost in the Kalahari, its cargo of diamonds and enigmatic rocks capable of altering humanity's fate. As she battles the merciless Savant and her criminal empire, Paragon, while grappling with her entwined history with a rogue former boss, Calla navigates a perilous path where alliances are murky, and the stakes are global survival.

Coming Soon BORN- Inception

In a future dominated by technology, Dr. Maya's quest for truth about the mysterious BIND program thrusts her into a perilous game of control and rebellion. As she unravels the depth of BIND's grip on humanity, alliances form, and a battle for the soul of the city begins. Teaming up with Captain Levi, a pawn in BIND's game, they navigate a maze of deception, aiming to dismantle the shadowy Nexus Group's vision of a controlled utopia.

Coming Soon: Starfall Ground Zero

When meteorites shower London, retired MI6 agent Richard Harlow discovers his power of invisibility, while astrophysicist Dr. Eleanor Bennett gains telekinesis. As they uncover a plot to weaponize the meteor's powers, they form an unlikely alliance to thwart a looming unknown enemy takeover.

Coming Soon - The Sun God's Heart

Cassidy and Raven, two adventurers with contrasting motives, are thrust into the heart of the Peruvian wilderness. As they chase the legendary Sun God's Heart, they must navigate treacherous terrains, evade ruthless poachers, and confront their undeniable attraction.