Collection: Heart & Treasure Collection

Romantic Action-Adventures Like No Other

From Rose Sandy writing as Cora Price comes the globe-trotting, pulse-pounding Heart & Treasure Series. Join archaeologists, historians, warriors, and rogues as they embark on perilous quests to uncover ancient relics of immense power. From the jungles of Peru to the deserts of Egypt, they'll face deadly wildlife, treacherous terrain, diabolical traps, and ruthless hunters. But the greatest threat they face comes from within - the undeniable passion that ignites between them.

Each book not only unravels the mysteries behind these cryptic treasures, but also explores the intricate dance of attraction, trust, betrayal, and love between characters. With non-stop action, enigmatic artifacts, and romance against all odds, this series is a must-read for every thrill-seeking reader. Strap in for the romantic adventure of a lifetime!