Collection: Heart & Treasure Collection

Romantic Action-Adventures Like No Other

From Rose Sandy writing as Cora Price comes the globe-trotting, pulse-pounding Heart & Treasure Series. Join archaeologists, historians, warriors, and rogues as they embark on perilous quests to uncover ancient relics of immense power. From the jungles of Peru to the deserts of Egypt, they'll face deadly wildlife, treacherous terrain, diabolical traps, and ruthless hunters. But the greatest threat they face comes from within - the undeniable passion that ignites between them.

Each book not only unravels the mysteries behind these cryptic treasures, but also explores the intricate dance of attraction, trust, betrayal, and love between characters. With non-stop action, enigmatic artifacts, and romance against all odds, this series is a must-read for every thrill-seeking reader. Strap in for the romantic adventure of a lifetime!

The Calla Cress Thriller Decrypter Series in Order

Book 1: The Decrypter: Secret of the Lost Manuscript

When a highly guarded, undecipherable document vanishes in Berlin, Calla Cress finds herself against an adversary with superior firepower. Calla must use her wits to decode the manuscript’s riddle before it’s too late.

Book 2: The Decrypter and the Mind Hacker

After an explosion rocks Calla Cress’s hideout in Colorado, she wakes up halfway across the world at the whim of a powerful, unidentified organization demanding she produces the whereabouts of a missing MI6 agent who can disarm a series of hacks snaking through one government system after another.

Book 3: The Decrypter: Digital Eyes Only

When the British Prime Minister’s private accounts are compromised, Calla Cress is called on to decrypt a mysterious cipher left in the Prime Minister’s home.

Book 4: The Decrypter: The Storm’s Eye

Calla is drawn into a mysterious and terrifying journey that leads her to an abandoned research facility on an uninhabited island. 

Book 5: The Decrypter: The Pythagoras Clause

Calla Cress, finds herself in a race against time as an app's sinister predictions come true, plunging people into comas. When the app's alarming prediction about Calla's own future surfaces and an old enemy harnesses unimaginable power, she must confront her darkest fears. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Calla must navigate a treacherous web of ancient secrets and global coverups.

Book 6: The Decrypter and the Beale Ciphers

When codebreaker and government agent, Calla Cress, stumbles upon an unbreakable cipher, she becomes entangled in a web of danger and deception. Framed for her best friend's murder, Calla is forced to uncover hidden secrets and face a treacherous enemy who will stop at nothing to seize a powerful treasure. With time running out and her life on the line, Calla must decipher the clues left by her late friend and unravel a sinister plan before it's too late.

Book 7: The Decrypter and the Atlantis of the Sands 

As artifacts handler and codebreaker Calla Cress is sent on a mission to recover ancient relics linked to the legendary Atlantis of the Sands, she uncovers a web of mystery and danger. When a British spy with a vital clue goes missing, Calla becomes a target of sinister forces determined to protect their dark secrets. Armed with her wit and courage, Calla must face an ancient evil and navigate treacherous paths to uncover the truth.

Each book builds upon the previous one, and as you read, you will see Calla's character develop and her story unfold. So, whether you're a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the series, be prepared to be swept away by the thrilling adventures of Calla Cress.

The books can be enjoyed individually or in order.