Hey there,

I'm Rose Sandy, and I'm thrilled to invite you into my world thrillers. As the daughter of a diplomat, I had the incredible opportunity to grow up immersed in a tapestry of international cultures. From a young age, I developed a deep appreciation for travel, exploration, and the rich diversity our globe has to offer. These experiences have become the very essence of my writing, and I'm excited to share them with you through my books. 

Throughout my adventures, I've had the privilege of visiting countless countries and forging friendships with people from all walks of life. One common thread I've noticed among many of my friends is their love for reading and the way books
offer an escape into worlds they've always dreamed of being a part of. This realization has fueled my passion for creating stories that not only entertain but also transport readers to exciting new places.

I now live in London. When I'm not crafting the next page-turner, you'll often find me at the British Library, delving into the fascinating history of the Magna Carta, or exploring the atmospheric Churchill's War Rooms. I'm a bit of a tech geek, too, always eager to discover the latest gadgets and innovations.

My story...

Engaging in thought-provoking conversations with ex-military and secret service intelligence officers is another favorite pastime of mine, as is devouring TED talks with a side of popcorn. You never know when that next nugget of information will inspire a thrilling twist in one of my novels.

 I believe that the best stories are the ones that not only keep you on the edge of your
seat but also make you feel a genuine connection with the characters and their journeys. That's why I pour my heart and soul into every book, crafting tales that blend suspense, intelligence, and a dash of romantic thrill. With a
writing style that's both gripping and humorous, I promise to keep you entertained from the first page to the last.