Hey there,

I'm Rose Sandy, your not-so-typical thriller author. I never planned to be a writer; I just wanted to be a communicator, sharing whatever adventures happened to cross my path. But life had different plans, and now I'm here to entertain you with the same kind of thrillers I love to devour.

I'm all about crafting heart-pounding tales of suspense, espionage, and adventure. My goal? To make your day a whole lot more exciting, whether you're stuck in a mundane commute or just lazing about on a Sunday afternoon.

Picture this: you're diving into a world of "what ifs?" with me, exploring the mysteries of our world, the excitement of tech breakthroughs, the enigmas of history, and the intricate web of global intelligence...with a dash of romance. My thrillers will take you behind the scenes of secret spy organizations, introduce you to characters who dabble in cutting-edge tech, and whisk you away to some of the most incredible places on Earth.

I'm all about suspense, intelligence, and that heart-racing dash of romantic thrill. With a writing style that hits hard with tension and throws in a healthy dose of humor, I promise you won't be able to put my books down.

When I'm not concocting the next page-turner, you'll find me at the British Library, deep-diving into the Magna Carta, wandering through Churchill's War Rooms, or geeking out over the latest gadgets. I love nothing more than engaging in thought-provoking conversations with ex-military and secret service intelligence officers or devouring TED talks with a side of popcorn. You never know when that next nugget of info will take my thrillers to the next level.

So, join me on this thrilling journey!

The story of her...

... her triumphs, her adventures, her allies, her struggles. The places she has been, her limitations, her aspirations, the men who have loved her and those she has loved. Her fantasies, talents, adventurous spirit, travels, emotions, her reality—these books encapsulate the extraordinary tale of a woman who defies expectations.

Within the pages of my books, you will discover a resounding theme that echoes through each narrative—the indomitable spirit of strong women, courageously navigating a world that challenges them to achieve the seemingly impossible.

The 'story of her' within these books is an exploration of boundless imagination and follows in the footsteps of those who have achieved before her.