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Rose Sandy is the international bestselling author of suspense thrillers. Rose redefines the landscape of international suspense thrillers by centering her narratives around strong, dynamic female protagonists. She is dedicated to crafting immersive stories that plunge readers into the heart of mystery and adventure, where women not only lead but also overcome daunting challenges and unravel perplexing mysteries.

Her goal is to captivate and inspire her audience, offering an escape into worlds where strength, resilience, and ingenuity are celebrated. Through her commitment to delivering engaging and empowering content, she aims to entertain and enrich, leaving a lasting impact that transcends the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

  • John


    “Action-packed adventures, technothrillers across several continents like a Jason Bourne or James Bond movie, but with an actual storyline!” Amazon Reader

  • Marie


    Takes you on a ride and refuses to let you off until you reach the very end.” Good Reads Reader

  • Pam


    "There is great tension and chemistry between the two main characters, Calla and Nash, that has you begging for more.” Amazon Reader

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Hi! I'm Rose Sandy and I'm thrilled to be your go-to source for entertainment. I have had the privilege of entertaining readers in over 60 countries, withe several books loved by readers. Nothing makes me happier than whisking you away to worlds packed with suspense, adventure, and jaw-dropping twists. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to my books, I can't wait to share my stories and characters with you.

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