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Rose Sandy

The Decrypter and the Storm's Eye Paperback - Book 4

The Decrypter and the Storm's Eye Paperback - Book 4

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A deserted island, a mysterious technology, and a world-changing discovery.

When a team of international scientists is sent to investigate a mysterious technology on an abandoned island, they are met with a terrifying discovery that defies belief. But for Calla Cress, a no-nonsense British Museum curator turned cyber agent known as the Decrypter, this is just another day on the job. With her expertise in cracking encrypted codes and scripts, both ancient and cyber, Calla is the go-to agent for the US and British governments.

But as she delves deeper into the strange occurrences on the island, Calla realizes that this case is unlike any she's encountered before. As the weather seems to follow commands from the deserted facility, Calla finds herself on a journey that will take her to the depths of her own darkness.

From the oceanic reefs of Hawaii to the streets of St. Petersburg and the charm of Miami, Calla must use all her skills to track down an unseen enemy and claim a tech discovery that could change the world.

Embark on a high-stakes adventure with this page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very end, perfect for fans of Daniel Silva, Ernest Dempsey, Clive Cussler and Steve Berry.

The Calla Cress Technothrillers in Order:

- Book 1: The Decrypter: Secret of the Lost Manuscript
- Book 2: The Decrypter and the Mind Hacker
- Book 3: The Decrypter: Digital Eyes Only
- Book 4: The Decrypter: The Storm’s Eye
- Book 5: The Decrypter: The Pythagoras Clause
- Book 6: The Decrypter and the Beale Ciphers
- Book 7: The Decrypter and the Atlantis of the Sands

What readers are saying about The Decrypter Series and Calla Cress:

“Fast-moving, exciting look at the possibilities of technology, peppered with just the right amount of science. I honestly couldn't put the book down.”

“Has everything I look for in a good read: plot, characters and pace.”

“An imaginative thriller with a great plot and unforgettable characters.”
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