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Audio Book -The Decrypter: Secret of The Lost Manuscript - Book 1

Audio Book -The Decrypter: Secret of The Lost Manuscript - Book 1

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Format Autonarrated Audio Book: Read or listen to my digital books on any enabled device, including Kindle and Nook. You can usually try a sample before you buy. Books are delivered by BookFunnel.

From the British Museum to the streets of Rome, a thrilling hunt for the truth.

Calla Cress has been searching for her missing parents for her entire life. She thought the mystery was long buried, but when a two-thousand-year-old manuscript with an unbreakable code lands in her hands, she is suddenly thrust into a desperate race against time.

As the British Museum curator deciphers the cryptic message, she becomes the target of a secret government agency enemy determined to keep the truth hidden at all costs. When the manuscript vanishes in Berlin, Calla realizes that the key to her family's disappearance may be encoded in the ancient text.

With no time to lose, Calla, NSA security advisor Nash Shields, and tech entrepreneur Jack Kleve set off on a globe-trotting mission to decode the riddle and uncover a shocking technological breakthrough. But as she battles against skilled assassins and unravels the layers of deceit, she realizes that nothing in the modern or ancient world is as it seems.

As the clock ticks down, Calla must risk everything to solve the mystery of her missing parents and prevent a dangerous new world from being unleashed. This is a race against time that she cannot afford to lose.

The Calla Cress Technothrillers in Order:

- Book 1: The Decrypter: Secret of the Lost Manuscript
- Book 2: The Decrypter and the Mind Hacker
- Book 3: The Decrypter: Digital Eyes Only
- Book 4: The Decrypter: The Storm’s Eye
- Book 5: The Decrypter: The Pythagoras Clause
- Book 6: The Decrypter and the Beale Ciphers
- Book 7: The Decrypter and the Atlantis of the Sands

Experience the rush of danger and the thrill of the chase in this thriller, perfect for fans of Ernest Dempsey, Jason Bourne, Steve Berry, Scott Mariani, and Clive Cussler.

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