The Heart & Treasure Series

Introducing: The Romantic Action-Adventure Series of a Lifetime. Rose Sandy writing as Cora Price.

In this globe-trotting series, join archaeologists, historians, warriors, and rogues as they embark on perilous quests to uncover these hidden treasures. From dangerous wildlife and treacherous terrains to ancient traps and ruthless hunters, they face external threats at every turn. Yet, as they draw closer to the relics, they also discover another profound challenge: the undeniable passions that ignite between them.

Each adventure not only deciphers a piece of the world's most cryptic mysteries but also explores the intricate dance of attraction, trust, betrayal, and love.

Packed with gripping tales that seamlessly fuse heart-thumping action, enigmatic relics, and love that defies all odds, this series is a must-have for every avid reader.

💖 Series Highlights:

  • Exotic Locales & Treacherous Expeditions: From the awe-inspiring Nile to the vast Mongolian Steppes, every tale is a passport to a new thrilling destination, replete with challenges and mysteries.
  • Passion Amidst Peril: Whether it's the charm of a notorious Navy SEAL or the allure of a savvy Swiss mountaineer, sparks fly amidst danger, proving that love truly knows no bounds.
  • Relics of Legend: Dive deep into the history and myths of enchanting artifacts—from the 'Scarab of Isis' promising immortality to the 'Key of Eldorado' unlocking truths.

📚 Dive into a World of Adventure:

  • Crescent of the Nile: Chase the mythic 'Scarab of Isis' amidst political upheavals and forbidden romance.
  • Legacy of the Moors: Embark on a quest for the 'Emerald Quill' under the Moorish stars, where love and danger intertwine.
  • Chronicles of the Canyons: Journey through the Grand Canyon's wild heart in pursuit of the 'Stone Spirit of the Anasazi', and discover a love as timeless as the canyons.

... And many more tales where love and danger meld seamlessly, including the captivating "Whispers of the Wind", the mesmerizing "Heart of Venice", and the enthralling "Stones of the Shogun".

Are you ready to embark on action-packed journeys across the globe, where danger lurks around every corner, and passion is a heartbeat away?

Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming books starting with The Sun God's Heart.